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Greeley, CO

Chicken Gyro Pita


Chicken, tomatoes, onions, pita, & tzatziki

Fries and Drink?:Add Fries +$2Fries & Reg Drink +$3Fries and Large drink +$4
Chicken Gyro "No's":NO Chicken NO Tomatoes NO Onions NO Pita NO Tzatziki LIGHT Sauce
Extra Gyro Adds:Extra Tzatziki Sauce +$0.99Extra Gyro Meat +$2.50Feta +$1.50Add Falafel +$2Pepperoncini +$0.50Sport Peppers +$0.50Jalapeno +$0.50Pickles +$0.50Black Olives +$0.50Hot Sauce +$0.50Add/extra cucumber +$0.50Add/extra onion +$0.50Add/extra Tomatoe +$0.50Add/extra Chicken +$2.50Extra Lettuce +$0.50Add Shredded Mozarella +$0.75Cheese Whizz On Fries +$0.99Add Bacon +$1.50